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30 August 2023

A decade ago, when Interior Architects and Interior Designers in balewadi would follow a traditional process of providing a proposal by breaking down various layouts of the property, the position of furniture and fittings, choice of raw materials and placement of support gadgets appliances etc. A proper software generated blueprint was provided to the client.

Corporate Skyline Pvt. Ltd. embraces the ever-changing complexities of the designing, amalgamating architecture as well as interior design’s role to bring about a change in the ideology with a conscious understanding. We firmly believe that architecture operates within a layered context of developmental, environmental and social structures. CSPL is distinguished by its high-end design, international expertise, and local capability and works across various typologies, including residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Taking inspiration from traditional concepts continues to inform their work. They believe that architecture is an industry defined by evolution. Employing new technologies and keeping architecture on par with the smart era forms the crux of their design approach.
This is not enough anymore!

Today, smart home technology has seeped into every house. It has forced interior architects and designers to fine tune their planning and strategy by incorporating these elements during the designing process itself. This has in turn has transformed the way projects are coordinated and accomplished. The idea is to coalesce or fuse them with traditional constituents. Mentioned below are some of the new technologies that architects for smart homes take into consideration during the preliminary or design stage –

1. Architect or internet of things has taken over the world. This also includes homes, and therefore laying out / installing smart wiring, sensors and systems early on is one of the essential steps towards designing a smart home.
2. Energy efficient and eco-friendly concepts are on the rise. Open-space designs, weather and mood sensitive devices and smart fittings are some of the examples.
3. Entertainment, computing and kitchen equipment and devices demand special attention vis-à-vis smart technology. Once again, their provision during the early stages of the design process is important so that all the elements fall into place as one seamless, cohesive unit.

Fluid Design Concepts – Mark of the Best Architects Balewadi, Pune
With the advent of smart technologies, interior design layout too has evolved. Homes no longer have strict, disciplined or fixed sections. For example, with just a few button clicks or taps on a mobile screen, a study can transform into a living room or even an office space. Smart television sets slide out from behind eco-friendly hidden or visible partitions while intelligent and programmed lighting changes the ambience with a simple hand gesture or dedicated interactive device. Computing devices turn into a communication and business control center allowing occupants to scan, print, converse and supervise people and projects remotely, and all this from a small section of a smart house. However, it is the underlying infrastructure that makes it work and interior architects have to plan for the same.

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